How do decrease button gap?

Hi guys, looking at below buttons, it seems like it’ll better to decrease the gap… right?

Can we do that in Glide? Or do you have any other idea?

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Do you mean to decrease the gap between the “Explore RWID” button and the “Paham min. Saya…” button?

Here’s how it looks like at half the default width.

Use this in a rich text component.


[data-test="app-button-view"] {
margin: 6px 16px;

Sorry for just coming back: too many tasks at hand. :slight_smile:

This is new to me!
Yes, it works.
So, this styling … does it work application wide? Or just current tab?
I guess this is application wide, right?

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It works only in the current tab…you’d need to place that CSS on all tabs to make it global.


I’d also recommend adding the CSS to a cell in a sheet used for looking up items throughout the application. This way you can adjust the style in one location and just reference CSS on each screen.


I also use a ‘reference cell’ for all images. Then I use single value columns to bring the images into the correct sheets. This way I only have to change the image in one place.


I like this approach. An extension to this approach that I’ve used is to bring all the images into my User Profiles table using Single Values, and then they can be used anywhere in the app without the need for additional columns.


I’m learning new Tips , Tricks, Easy ways everyday to work with Glide easily from this community. Thank you all!

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woa! Neat trick!

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