How did you discover Glide?

Just a curiosity question. Wondering how others here discovered Glide.

For me, it was an app by @Menajem_Benchimol that I saw on Product Hunt.

That was at 7:44am on 29/12. (I know this coz it’s in my browser history) I spent the most of the rest of the day hooked on Glide, and have been ever since! By the end of that day I’d converted my bullet journal to an app, something I’ve wished to do for two years. I’ve spent many, many more hours on it since then, refining and expanding it.

Since then I also made an app to track the values of my shares, and a couple of others that I’ve made either for testing or proof of concept, including a List of lists, Animals database, Recipes, Business directory and Budget planner (tho this I incorporated into my Bullet journal app).

So, yeah, how did you discover Glide and what have you done with it so far?


Couldn’t tell you exactly how I found Glide, but somehow it popped up while searching for a solution for my girlfriend and her fellow skating coaches. I always wanted to get her away from tracking lessons and billing her students on paper. She never seemed on board with it, so I never pursued it much. Then last year she told me that the club wanted a database to keep track of students and their accomplishments. This got my wheels turning and I started looking for something that would be web based so it was accessible by multiple people and with multiple devices.

I first looked at using Trello and Airtable, which are powerful tools, but I couldn’t see adoption by non-technical users and there was a lack of customization. Trello was limiting and Airtable seemed great, but it seemed too easy for other users to screw something up if they didn’t know what they were doing. Next, I came across AppSheet. I played with it for a bit, but even as a programmer myself, it just felt overwhelming and the pricing definitely ruled it out for me. I’m sure I could have figured it out if I spent more time and familiarized myself with it.

While I was playing with a sample app in Appsheet, I obtained a google spreadsheet from one of their sample apps. Not long after, I then found Glide. To test out Glide I connected it to that sheet from Appsheet. I was blown away with how it created a functioning app, put image links into image components and everything looked pretty good with absolutely zero effort. From then on, I was hooked.

Over the past year, a lot of new functionality has been added to Glide, my app has evolved, and I’ve learned a lot just by spending time and participating in the forum. I keep looking forward to new functionality down the road and finding new personal apps to work on.


Awesome Chris, welcome!

Let me know how I can help you in any way!

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Discovered on Product Hunt when they launch their Pro apps.

I was hooked.

My dream to create apps (at least MVP versions) from my 100+ daily ideas is possible now :sweat_smile:


Yeah, Jeff, I found AppSheet does have a steep learning curve, and longer time from idea to app. I’m trying to learn it (and I also count myself as a programmer of sorts - Clipper, like @George_B in the old days! and WordPress plugins lately ) because I think now Google has it you will start to see job opportunities popping up for it in the mainstream. I’ve been playing with AppSheet for a couple of weeks and still don’t even have a basic working version of my bullet journal. The price, $5/active user/mth, is okay for personal use, but goes nuts quickly as you add users.

I’ve also looked at Adalo which is very good, but again a slower idea to app, and mind blowingly expensive - free allows 50 records, then $50/mth min plan! - which makes it really difficult to fully test an app idea. Tho they do support publishing to the app stores.

I’d like to see Glide take a few ideas from both AppSheet (especially it’s powerful formula editor) and Adalo. :slight_smile:

I do hope - and think - having these nocode platforms on your resume will become valuable in the next couple of years, so it’s worth knowing one well, and have familiarity with some others.