How can I place short address title on map?

Sometimes I want to know the nickname of a pin in the map without touching it.
So I had the idea to create a nickname and put it on map.
It’s like when I look I immediately found out without searching for details.
but how can i do it

I’ve looked through this example but I still don’t know how to get the name of a place to display without clicking on the map.

Anyone have any ideas for this, I’m very grateful.

Just wanna say I like this idea a lot.

I added a column called “Short pin” to have these short names, then added a bit of CSS to my code.


@ThinhDinh Thank you very much.

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@ThinhDinh very nice job :+1:

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@ThinhDinh Another challenge. If we can target the d attribute (see screen shot) - then we could manipulate the figure (made up by path in svg) - could you do that? We could do a star, square, etc
I tried but seems that I should study some more css :wink:

Haha I did try that months ago right after the “coloring” post but failed miserably. I will try that again when I have time.

I was thinking it could be nice to have it to “categorize” the pins visually, like restaurants, hotels, cafes etc.

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