How can I display numerical data as a stacked bar chart?

Hi - I’m relatively new to Glide. Does anyone know how to show a bunch of numerical data (i.e. ordinal scores out of 10) as a bar chart/stacked chart. So a value of 6 then becomes like the screenshot below (copied from NomadList)


Thanks a lot.


You can’t yet, at least natively in Glide. I have heard that somewhere done the road they may add some kind of charting component but currently it is not natively possible. The only way now is to create the stacked bar chart in Sheets and display the picture.

Thanks, I’ve tried something like Sparkline but it looks ugly so I guess I’ll just wait for this functionality to be added.

There is a progress bar component, but nothing like a stacked chart.

Oh yeah, just found out about this - that’s what I needed, thanks!

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