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when i choose the hire expert button and request a certain expert this message pops up
“Application error: a client-side exception has occurred (see the browser console for more information).” if someone can help me please do on zoom

hire us button

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when is your availability to chat? Or once i make a payment when can we schedule a zoom? also for my understanding. Can you help me make changes to my glide table, software? including adding and reducing time stamps and adding text features and undoing some work without the application malfunctioning because of it. I would hope that’s a yes and we can get started in the next few days or maybe hours :smile:

I’d recommend trying this in a different browser. I just tested it and it works fine for me. Here is the direct link to request an expert: Expert Request

Alternatively, you are able to schedule directly with an expert on their expert’s page. To do this simply click on an expert’s profile on this page: Glide Experts – Professional Glide developers for hire.

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we can schedule the Zoom session, just let me know when

i just made a payment. can you send me over a link?

yes, link was sent, i’m ready

new link, with scheduling:

hire us zoom