Hide/Show or Publish/Register

Hi all

Is it possible in Glide to hide a publication or to decide to register it to publish it later.
Also, can we program a publication?

Yes, you can use visibility conditions for this.
Just include a date/time column for the publish date, and then set the visibility where the publish date is on or before today.


Ok, Thank you.
But how to show the publication for three days for example or if the user cannot publish more than x posts?

Should l for the first case set two columns and for the second a “max posts” column with l guess a rollup to count the posts?

Yes, that’s the idea. It’s just additional logic.
I would probably move this logic into the GDE rather than trying to do it with component filtering, as that can get a bit messy when you have several conditions.

So maybe something like:

  • Create 2 date/time columns for the article - a start date and an end date
  • Create the rollup column as you mentioned to determine how many articles a user has created
  • Then create an if-then-else column:
    – If Start Date is after Now, then empty
    – If End Date is before Now, then empty
    – If rollup is greater than max posts, then empty
    – Else true

Then you can use that single if-then-else column to filter your articles: where if-then-else is true


I did not try yet but that was the process I was trying to “set up”…
Thanks again…
BTW, what is GDE ?

GDE = Glide Data Editor

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