Help with a google sheet query for a billing app

Thanks, Jeff - but you have me worried. A lot more involved than I thought. I went ahead and did this, however, but a question.
If the final relationship is not empty - what exactly does it mean with respect to identifying the latest version of the bill? Can the associated date be assumed to be the latest? I would have thought that there would be some FALSES as well as some TRUE’s.

I have attached what I have been able to find.

Yeah, I think I see the problem. I am just making this all up in my head, so my theories don’t always translate well in practice. Let me think about this for awhile.

Try this. Using everything you created already, just reverse the final relation. Instead of linking the rollup/payer/title template to the date/payer/title template. Reverse it and link the date/payer/title template to the rollup/payer/title template. I think that will work.

I do not know how you can figure out these things, Jeff, but that worked! Thank you. Now that I have the latest billing dates how would you advise it best for me to help the Biller figure out things like the total amount paid by Payers on that date? Or to get a list of who these Payers were? Is that something I can do within Glide or do I have to figure out how to do on my Google spreadsheet?

That all depends on how you have everything laid out. I would say yes, you can do most of these things in Glide using relations, lookups, rollups. The only thing I personally struggle with is working with date ranges. Glide can only compare dates to today, but I can’t do that very well within Glide and have to resort to ugly formulas in the sheet. Your situation might be a lot simpler than what I’ve ran into so it definitely should be a possibility within Glide.

How do you want your app to flow? What do you want the biller to see when they enter the app and how do you want them to navigate into the data?