Help setting up datas

I’m trying to set up a database with an administration interface.
I find myself in a complicated situation regarding certain tables that will have multiple associations (and the creation of actions that will be necessary).
(see diagram below)

Furthermore, how do I set up my datas knowing that :

  • When an activity is created, I want it to be associated with a step.
  • I also want to be able to associate several steps when I modify a module

Here’s a question for you. Would each step contain multiple activities, and would each module contain multiple steps?

I don’t think the fact that an activity can be contained in multiple steps, or a step can be contained in multiple modules is a problem? You can tie them using choice components that allows selecting multiple options, if I understand you right.

Basically instead of doing it on the Activity table like here, you do it on the Step table instead.

Its possible, yes

Always, yes

Noted. But how do I set up my datas to create these associations between the tables ?

Yes, but is it the only way to do it? Not a practical solution for my end-users