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Dear Community,

I need a help in CSS. If it’s possible to change aspect ratio of image in in card/grid collection with CSS, please help me with it.

I have a classic app with numerous flashcards with 3:4 aspect ratio. While migrating the images to new app, the images don’t fit in collection. As of now I have been using image component and showing one image at a time, but with collection, I can horizontal and vertical scroll just like class apps.

If it’s possible with CSS, I’ll switch from Legacy plan to maker plan and add CSS to change the aspect ratio.


I think it’s definitely doable. What type of collection will you be using?

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Most probably grid.

Can you share some sample image URLs that you are using?

Here are some samples:

.card-collection .aspect-four-by-three {
padding-top: 125%;

I name my collection’s CSS class “card-collection”. Setup with size L, original aspect ratio 4:3.

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Thanks a lot brother for your help :slightly_smiling_face: :clap:

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