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Hello gliders!

I want to create an app about a medical calculator. It is quite simple: it is based on an equation that varies depending on user’s race, user’s gender and user’s serum lab value.
The total number of combinations are 8.

For race and gender, I’m thinking about use switch component (false/true); the serum lab value a number entry field.
I’m stuck with logic condition (if else): I want to check if user is black, female and lab value < 0,7 then use this equation; otherwise and so on… I thought to create 8 math in glide data editor, but I don’t know how combine with logic condition.
Thanks for your help


I think you should be able to do the 8 equations as you mentioned. Then you could create 1 if then column to check the serum level and return the value ‘<0,7’ or ‘>=0,7’ or whatever values you need (not a number, but the actual text value as I wrote it between the quotes). Create a template column that joins the 3 values together as one text value ‘Black - Female - <0,7’. Use that value in an If Then to check each combination and return the proper formula value. You could probably do something similar if you wanted to use the switches and true/false values.

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thanks, I am checking a way out.
I’ll try but I’m feeling quite confusing in all this conditionals

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