Hello from Rio

Hi, I am a consultant working with creative people that sell or make things. I am making courses online in Portuguese and English, and want to sell my apps as part of this ecosystem. As I was a Chef in a past life, when I lived in the States. I call myself a Gringoca. I obviously have a soft spot in my heart on high quality foods, both producing and selling, and agriculture.

I am making single focus apps that do things people really need, simply and quickly, like make decisions about pricing, or purchasing, to be used on their phones while doing their daily work. My portuguese site is https://www.tudonalinha.com.br and my english site MasterManaging.com.

Looking forward to learning and sharing!


Welcome @danstrongin! Looking forward to seeing how Glide can support your goals.


Awesome! I’m a neighbor from São Paulo :grin:

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask us. Welcome!


you can count on it!


Welcome @danstrongin :raised_hands:.

Saw you’ve found some out of date docs – we’re always in the process of updating them as Glide changes. If there’s anything particularly aggregious - feel free to mention me here (@JackVaughan).



I finally found the video that introduces the new version. That helped a lot. Am bungling my way through but making progress. Thanks

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