Hello from Israel

Hello Glide Community,

My name is Michael (Migo), I am an experienced programmer. I came to the topic of Null Coding for a reason: I have been dealing with user interfaces all my life and during my work as a programmer I have written many programs - configurators, and even one editor for control panels (in some way a prototype of Null Code Editor).
A couple of months ago, I accidentally stumbled upon a Glide framework, which I liked for its simplicity and consistency. To learn how to use this tool freely, I wrote a dozen simple programs, including a fully customizable digital business card template. From now several of my friends in Israel and Russia use them.

Besides programming, I am a professional photographer.

You can see my digital business card - portfolio here:
Michael Goyberg digital business card - portfolio

I got ideas for using some of the UI while reading this community, and my programming experience is enough to implement a lot of what I see and what I like.

Especially I want to thank @Robert_Petitto for brilliant idea of using the Tiles list element for buttons!

I will be glad to share my experience and be useful to anyone who needs help.



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Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the community forum! :wave:t2:

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Welcome to the community! If you have a new app idea and got stuck some where donโ€™t hesitate sending questions here, weโ€™ll be glad to help :wink:

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Welcome to the community, Michael!

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I will definitely use your suggestion after reading and analyzing all the relevant material on the forum. :slight_smile:

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ื”ื™ื™ ื‘ืจื•ืš ื”ื‘ื :slight_smile:
Happy to see the Israeli Glide community is growing.


Hi, Migo! ๐Ÿ™‹ Enjoy!


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ื‘ืจื•ืš ื”ื‘ื !
ื™ืฉ ืœื ื• ืื—ืœื” ืงื”ื™ืœื” ื‘ืคื™ื™ืกื‘ื•ืง ืžื•ื–ืžืŸ ืœื”ืฆื˜ืจืฃ

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I think I have already joined your Facebook group