Handling Labels

Is it possible to allow the user to assign text to a label on the fly?

Yes. Capture the text in a User Specific column, and then use that column as the source of the component label.

You might want to have another column to use as a default label, and then use an if-then-else column to assign the correct label, eg:

  • If User Specific column is empty, then Default Label
  • Else User Specific column

Does that mean I will need to create a User Specific column? I am trying to follow the steps.

Yes, a User Specific column. Presumably you will have a Text Input component somewhere on the screen for the user to enter their label. This component should write the value to the User Specific column. The reason to make the column User Specific is to allow each user to have their own label.

Okay. I will give it a try. Thanks.

Is there a way to place the User-Specific column name in the Tab?

No, I don’t believe you can do the same with tabs.

I did not think so either, but I did get your suggestion to work. Thanks again.


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