Hamburger Menu Missing?

I’m trying to figure out how to customize the hamburger menu. If you look at my screenshot, there’s a “menu” item on the left side of the red app, but not on the blue app.

How can I get the menu item for the blue app so I can customize it?

AND… Is there a guide somewhere about how to customize this menu?

Thanks a lot.

Can you tell us if these are both Classic Apps? I assume they are?

Have you tried scrolling down on the navigation list in the blue app to see if the Menu thing is down there? There can be a case that you have too many tabs at the top and there’s no space to show the “Menu” thing.

No, you can just drag tabs there, no customization for it.


Amazing. I did not see the scroll bar or realize there was a top and bottom to the left side.

So simple! Thank you very much.

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