Group by name of employee and under that group by Year_Month all meeting

Hello Gliders, I need your Help.

I have a Glide App for my agents.
They documenting their meetings in the app.

I can see all meeting.

I use group by AGENT for see all meetings of each agent together.
Now I want to group the meeting pf each agent by YearMonth Filed.
I alredy have the YearMonth Filed in the meeting talbe

thanks a lot

So do you mean you want two “group by” fields to act on the same collection?

I want a drill down list…

First the agent
Second the YearMonth

“Group By” only allows one field, so that’s not available natively. I can’t think of a workaround at the moment. Maybe a filter would suit you best, though it’s not the same layout.

Does it all have to be in the same list?
The usual way to do this would be to create a hierarchy using relations.
So you’d start off with a list of Agents, then selecting an Agent would take you to a list of dates (year/month) related to that agent, then you’d select a date and see the details for that date.

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