Google PDF 403 FOrbidden in web view

all my permissions are good on google end, but the web embedd is throwing a 403 up at me when trying ot view the url for the pdf in google drive.

question: can i feed glide a url from an api call in one field, and then have another field process that file and store it as its own image-image url in another field?

this would be the fix as i wouldnt even have to use google drive. The pdf url that i have access to before i send to google drive has an expiration so if i could get it handled direclty to glide for processing and storing via api call and some column funcstions that would be best

This is what I use for PDF files stored in GDrive, which works fine in a webview:{id}/preview

{id} is the drive ID of the file.

Unfortunately, no. It would be wonderful if that was possible.

yes thank you. I found that also after i posted this…its exactly what i am doing!

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