🆕 Glide Tables

Thanks a lot, I will explore this approach!

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@AyS_0908, I have done a quick demo for you. This demo assumes the UP tab (from first left) is your forum…you will see a public comments component. Then if you want you can engage admin in a private chat.


It’s too kind! I’ll check now

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Inside the inline list (3 visible photos) add private chat button and then comments in the inline list…and you have your public/private forum!

DId you notice something? when you commented as a public user, GT recognised your photo (google log in). But, I then had to change it as I was filtering by image not empty.

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A few questions about this feature:
What are the entry limits of the Glide Table? (max number of lines)
Are there limits different limits on Free vs Paid?
Can you create a full app using only Glide Tables?

I could be wrong as I haven’t tried it, but I think you still need an underlying google spreadsheet to create an app. The rest of it’s functionality can be through glide tables.


You still need a Sheet, can confirm.


@david @Mark when we link a glide table in another app, is there any limit of apps for this?

I did it in some apps, and in most of them recognize it and some others not.

(I have only basic columns)


There’s currently no limit on the number of apps per Glide Table.


But, when I try to link a Glid Table to another app (that I already have in other) it doesn’t show me.

I’m experiencing that only in one app

Hey guys,

When we can expect the import export feature to glide table ?