Glide Table Limit

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I would like to know what the data limit of the Glide Table?

What is the limit of rows per table?

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Theoretically there is no limit. You are probably going to be more limited by how much data you are pushing to the end user, or how much your browser can cache before it crashes.


I understood,

And how could I calculate this?

If you are asking about the number of cells in a glide table, then using David’s example of 5 trillion cells, means that you can have a table with 25 thousand rows and 200 million columns.

If you are asking about limits of a glide app in general, then there’s not a simple answer to that. How many rows do you have? How many columns are in each row? How many computed columns do you have? How complex are the computations? How many relations do you have? How much data does each relation pull back? Are you using any built in security, like Row Owners to restrict the amount of data that’s downloaded? How many filters do you have? How complex are the filters? Do you have user profiles enabled? Do you have a lot of images? Do you show all of those images at once? I could go on an on. The more complex your app is, the more data that has to be download, computed, and rendered on a user device. All of these things can use bandwidth, processor, and memory on the user device. The situation is completely different for each app and there isn’t a hard set rule to calculate the limits.

One person could have a simple app with 100k rows, only a few columns, and aggressive use of Row Owners to limit what’s downloaded to a user device. Their app would probably work just fine. Another person could have a complex app with 10k rows, 200 columns, extreme use of computed columns and relations, loaded with images, and no filters or row owners…which could potentially bring a user’s device to it’s knees to try to download, compute, and render everything at once.

If you really want to test the limits on an app, I would create several thousand rows of test data to see how the app reacts to that. If it holds up well, then you should be fine, if it starts to lag, then maybe you need to reconsider how the data and app is set up and try to make data and processes more efficient.

The problem is that this is such a generalized question that really doesn’t have an answer. Glide recommends no more that 25k rows because it’s proven to be a relatively safe limit for most apps in most situations. For now, you can probably go over that limit without much issue, but that all depends on the complexity of your app. It’s always possible that in the future, glide could put a hard cap on that 25k limit. If you are an extreme user and go way over that limit, they may recommend you going to a higher paid plan to accommodate the higher costs for data usage. Ultimately, the limits are going to depend largely on a user’s internet connection, the kind of processor and amount of memory on their device, and how capable the OS and browser are at handling large PWA apps. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.


Thank you very very much. Helped me a lot. :grinning: :grinning:

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