Glide Table API Get All Filter?

I have data in a table that I’m querying from another platform but rather than bringing ALL the rows over I want to limit it by filtering to a specific date range. Creating the request using the format Glide provides is working fine but is there a way to set a filter in the request so that I’m limiting the search upfront (rather than returning all the rows and filtering in a subsequent step)?

curl --request POST ‘
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–header ‘Authorization: Bearer XXXXXXXXXXXX’
–data-raw ‘{
“queries”: [
“tableName”: “native-table-XXXXXXXXX”

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No, I’m afraid that’s not supported. It would be nice if it was.


Even just return one row based on RowID would be wonderful – although a full-fledged query would certainly be the next thing we’d ask for! :1st_place_medal:


Insane that this isn’t a feature already.

It is.

Only with Big Tables which have some pesky limitations.

hey guys, is it still not possible to get a single row out of a specific table?

tried this:

 "options": {
        "filter": {
          "column": "RowID",
          "operator": "=",
          "value": "SpecificRowID"

Unfortunately doesn´t work…

Do you use Make for this or just a generic HTTP call? - and with make a http-request. I have now solved it within make scenario. and for the glide query, I don’t think it makes any difference whether you retrieve all data records or just one.

But of course it would be nicer…

What I usually do is using the Glide module to get all rows, then apply the get & map functions to get the value I want.