Glide plus RPA walk-through

:tv: Glide plus RPA walk-through

Made a quick walk-through of how we used RPA to extract and transform data, loaded it into an Excel file and then used that as the datasource for a Glide app.

We did this because the data we needed to use was in an aged-care industry CRM that has a limited API and isn’t integrated with Zapier etc. So we couldn’t use the usual no-code automation tools.

This approach is awesome because you get the power of RPA in the back end and the simplicity of Glide in the front end.

Plus we can keep the Excel file in the client’s infrastructure (most big orgs use Microsoft’s stack so this suits their IT and security requirements).


Great, thanks for sharing!

Love them Kiwi accents :grin:

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:laughing: well my one is from NZ and the other is from South Africa, but we both live in Sydney. So probably a bit of a mash up there.

Where abouts are you from?

I’m an Aussie, but lived in Singapore for the past 20 years.

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This is fantastic guys. Thank you so much for sharing. This is similar to projects we are working on. May I ask what RPA tool are you using and why do you like that one over others?

Our own custom code.

How about you?
What do you work on?

We build stuff for the care industry in Australia (see