Glide Pages (now App) missing features for migration?

Not possible… without CSS ;-). I can do with Apps everything what Pages can do, but Pages will never do what I can do with Apps LOL

But, if Glide targeting to nocoders, maybe they need’t much coder’s features?
Step by step… Now is the power step, next may be beauty, may be magic :slight_smile:

No… David said they would never give CSS to pages, so… pages would never be as good as Apps… with CSS, you can create infinite elements… and make the App precisely how you want it.

So David don’t whant to give instrument to coders to do every thing, they whant to give instrument to no coders to make apps looks as common standart by the easiest way. And earn money from instrument for no-coders, which gives simple way to make beatiful standard interface for internal copany’s use. Not make money for resale coputing for coders. I think.

What you mean by never give to page ? CSS is supported in Page…

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This is limited CSS and only for business plans… so… no CSS :wink: