Gideon Lahav from Israel - a Glide Expert

Hi My name is Gideon,

I am from Israel originally and a digital nomad.

I love Glide for its logical functionality, if you have a problem to solve you can do it with Glide.

2 years ago when COVID arrived I lost my job as an operation manager at a hospitality business and decided to open my own business as a tutor for students at my college.
Then I discovered Glide as a platform in which I can build digital tools myself to manage my students with the Google sheet knowledge that I had.

Today, I have my own website which is all about Glide and manage 2 Facebook groups with @yinon_raviv -

which are all about the Glide platform.
Together we help new and old users and other freelancers to build better with Glide.

Nice to meet you all


Did you build your website with Glide? If yes, kindly, how did you mange to align the top menu to be RTL, right to left?

It is on WordPress using Elementor.

Glide don’t support RTL

Thank you.