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@Robert_Petitto has posted a great walkthrough for utilizing the Glide Tables API but I haven’t been able to get it to work with the Get All Rows action (I understand this is a feature not available on all plans, I happen to be on a plan that allows for it). Has anyone been able to implement a process to query a Glide Table and post the rows to a Google Sheet? I’ve been trying to utilize the HTTP request module in Integromat (Make) with no success. Bearer and appID hidden in the below example for security purposes

What’s the return for the call in the screenshot?

There’s also a single quote after the last } character that you may want to delete.

In addition to what @ThinhDinh said…

You are sending a GET request. You should be sending a POST request. So it won’t work until you fix that. And yes, you have a dangling single quote which will be invalidating your JSON payload. I find it a better practice to construct the JSON payload using the Construct JSON module - that eliminates errors like this.

And yes, if the request fails - the first thing you should always do is examine the response. It will usually tell you why it failed.

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@Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh thanks for your responses! Removing the single quote and updating to a POST request worked.

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