Generating Order Numbers, Payments, and Email Templates

  1. What is the most efficient way to generate a unique 5 digit order number (ideally sequential)? I need the customer to have a reference number and the RowID is way too long/complicated. I’ve tried through AirTable but it takes too long and I need it to be shown instantly so it should be done natively in Glide.

  2. Just to confirm, there’s no current way to accept payments natively in Glide? I need to allow customers the options to pay for orders within the app and to be able to offer them/charge them for add-ons after the main order payment was made. It’s perhaps the biggest hurdle that I have right now and a major feature that I need. Easily accepting payments within Glide helps subsidize the cost of Glide but also makes it possible for us to shift our e-commerce portion to Glide which is the goal. But I’ve watched every Youtube Video and forum post on this and it’s either extremely complicated or prohibitively expensive from another persons template.

  3. Right now I’m sending e-mails in Glide based on a Template Column but this is adding a lot of unnecessary columns on my important tables. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Perhaps a template table that contains all the variables and can be used at the time an action is taken in the primary table?

This is the best way to do it strictly within Glide.

@Darren_Murphy could probably confirm, but I believe there would still be an issue with duplicate numbers if multiple users generated an order number at the same time. In that case, you would probably have to use an external service to sequentially process and increment the numbers.

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No, not at the moment, and I don’t think they plan to do it at all considering they’re prioritizing internal apps. The most famous workaround is PayHere, I believe.

You can only send an invoice with the Stripe integration, but it costs 50 updates.

What do you mean by “unnecessary columns”?

I can help you with that…

Check out my new Stripe integration with a shopping cart, and checkout inside the Glide App. You can add new payments to the existing order… create subscriptions… payment links… PDF Invoices… and much more.

Ps: I’m currently working on the restaurant version for that.

Yes, correct.

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There is a simple fix for that… use Glide’s unique ID… when the order is finalized, replace it with your own… that’s what I do in my Stripe PRO; I use Glide ID… then I generate the Invoice number.

Thank you. That’s exactly what I need but unfortunately at $650 it’s beyond the budget that I have left for the project.

I need to send different emails/notifications that has user specific order information. That requires me to do a template column that adds the table data in the e-mail body. I’ve had to create over 10+ columns because there are different e-mails/notifications needed… Or perhaps I’m not doing this the most efficient way?

I’m thinking that if I can have all of those template columns be in their own table then I can somehow avoid having to clutter my important main tables with those template columns.

I think if it needs to reference the data in that table, then it has to be in that table and you’re not doing anything wrong if you have different columns for different types of notifications.

Ok, sounds good! Wasn’t sure if there was a more efficient way of doing it or if the amount of columns would decrease the performance and load time of the pages. I will keep them in the main table for the time being

If it’s just some template columns, I don’t think it will affect things at all.