Formatting dates to create relations

Greetings, I am trying to use dates to schedule pick up and drop off times for an event. I am having the toughest time creating relations. I am wondering if the format of the date makes any difference, meaning:

When I input dates by hand into sheets and click on them to expand them, they look like this:
2022-05-14 (1)

However, when the user enters it from the date picker, it looks like this:
2022-05-14 (2)

Might that affect my ability to create a relation between them? I ultimately would like to place users into certain time slots for pick up based on when they arrive, but the dates seem to work a bit differently and none of my if-then-else statements even work. I am wondering if there is something special I need to do because it involves dates and I have spent days trying all the tutorials and reading the How To section.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

To use dates/times to create relations, it’s best to first convert them to strings or integers.
There are several ways to do this. Possibly the easiest is with the Format Date plugin. However, a word of warning - that plugin is known to give inconsistent results when dealing with non-US date formats.

For that reason, I avoid it and what I usually do is use a series of math columns to extract the parts that I need (year/month/day) and then stitch them back together using a template column. So I’ll wind up with something in yyyy-mm-dd format, which I then use to build a relation.


I agree with @Darren_Murphy

the best way is convert dates to strings or integers and avoid format problems (the advice is almost mandatory if you use a non-US date format :zipper_mouth_face:)

The trick to convert a date to string/integer is something like this:



Excellent explanation. I do this 100% of the time if I need to create relations with date values


Okay… let me explore this a bit. Thank you!

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