Form submission criteria

Hi all,

I am trying to deny form submission when certain criterias are not filled. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a way.
I already tried creating a custom form but that solution doesn’t work when multiple people are filling it out at the same time…
Can you help ?

Thanks !

You are on the right track with using a details view and a custom form. What you need to do is hold those values in user specific columns and then write those to basic columns with an add row action when you press your button… You can’t make existing columns user specific. You have to create new columns and choose user specific when you create it.

Regarding Glide’s Native form I saw in your ‘on submit’ custom action that you had an add row on the right hand side. This is going to cause a second row added to your sheet. A form by its very nature will add a row to your sheet, that’s its purpose, to add a new row. If we then put an add row action ‘on submit’ it will add two rows… the one it was originally going to add, plus the add row action.


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