Force location selection?

I’m trying to control visibility of a form button based on a user turning on the switch to show their current location. I realize Glide doesn’t want to force users to provide their location if they don’t want to, but I’d like to be able to control the visibility of a form button if a user doesn’t provide their current location (which is necessary for the app I’m building).

Currently, I can make the field visible if the location field is filled or empty. The issue I have is that my app is a check-in app and a user’s location can change, so I need this switch to be “turned back on” the next time the user interacts with the app. The problem is that their location field is filled, so the “if empty” visibility filter doesn’t help me.

Alternatively, can the Location component be made “Required” in a form? Currently that isn’t possible and it’s allowing the potential for a form to be submitted without recording the user’s location.