Font CSS Inline tile list

Hi experts,
I am trying to use CSS and change font-family to match my app design.
I am struggling in finding the class\data-set for a tile inline list.
tried all these already:

none of them work for font, but they respond to padding or direction for example.

Any ideas?

Can you share any screenshot and tell us what you want exactly please?

What exact app design are you referring to here? Do you mean graphics where you designed with a certain font?

It will be a hard task to change all text to match your custom font, but if it’s just the inline list then please tell us which element of it you want to customize.

The title and detail here:

What type of font do you want to change it to?

Open sans hebrew light


[data-test="tile-item"] .tile-text-container .tile-title {
font-family: Open Sans Hebrew Light;

[data-test="tile-item"] .tile-text-container .tile-subtitle {
font-family: Open Sans Hebrew Light;

Thank you s much, helpful as always :slight_smile:

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