Extracting Matching Text

Has anyone used Glide’s Extracting Matching Text plugin? Is it good for getting specific text from address? I tried it but nothing happened.

For example I have a user enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500 as their address but only want the city and state(in this case, district).

For the plugin, I had placed address for the text and Pennsylvania, DC for the regular expression.

The column “extract text matching a regular expression”.

If you type “address” in, that won’t work because that’s not a “regular expression”. I doubt you would get the address with that approach.

Since address can come in a huge range of forms, maybe there’s an API out there that let you:

  • Use the original address as input
  • Do a search and return the closest address object in their database, return a JSON object of all pieces of info related to that object.
  • You can then query the right pieces out, e.g: city/state.
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