Excel limit

Hi, good afternoon. Have a limit in import table excel?
I’m trying to upload a 30.9MB excel spreadsheet, but it’s throwing an error. I suspect it’s the file size. I didn’t find any topic regarding this, not even in the documentation…

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There’s a limit of 4.8MB.

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Just in case you need it:


Maravilha! Muito obrigada @Darren_Murphy

Obrigada, eu não tinha visto. Sabe me dizer se eu consigo receber dados via API REST?

What do you mean by REST API? Do you mean you want to add data to Glide through Glide’s API?

Isso. Isso é possível de alguma forma?
Preciso subir essa planilha para a plataforma, mas não consigo pensar em outra forma…

Either you do it the way @Darren_Murphy stated above, or construct a flow that allows you to upload a file to a field in Glide, send that to Make via a webhook, process the file in Make and send batches of 100 rows to the table you want there.

But it sounds to me that you have multiple sheets, so that makes it more complex.

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