EUvsVIRUS Hackathon - Trad-19 - Pocket translator - Calling for Glide help :)

Hello there :slight_smile:

I have initiated a pocket translator Web app with Glide, to help health professionals communicate with patients over Covid-19 diagnostic. The app proposes translations and visual illustrations to make dialogue easier when the native language is not the same.

See app here:

So far, we have focused on translations for France, from French to the 6 most-spoken languages in the country.

I want to adapt the concept to other communities, especially those who have migrated recently, and for which local medical vocabulary could be especially problematic.

I am looking for a Glide expert to jump in: we will be working on developing the project within the EUvsVIRUS Hackathon this weekend:

What we want to accomplish during this event:

  • Work on more translations
  • Allow users to select their from and to languages (some sort of settings)
  • AND/OR make the app template available for people to copy for their own languages combination
  • Make sure the app is available to health professionals when needed

Interested? Welcome in the team :slight_smile:



Hi Marie

Just checked the app. Very nice app. I am in the middle of building an any language translator app. So far I have added the following:

  1. Any language translation to English. That is all the world languages to English.
  2. All EU languages to English.
  3. Back2back English-Arabic.
  4. Back2back English- Bengali
  5. Back2back English - Chinese
  6. Bacj2back English - Urdu
    I’m in the middle of adding further Back2back languages.

Take a look at the app. If yiu think it would help your cause, I can let you copy it for free and you can add what other languages you like. But the important thing is that you can enter any word/sentence of any Officially recorded language of the world, and the app will translate to English.

Sorry wrong link. Here’s the correct one.

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