Energy usage chart with graph

Hi, I needed to send my energy usage to a company to see how we can start to save some energy.

I had all the info in an Excel spreadsheet.

I threw it into a Glide Page in about 15 minutes! FUN!

The only thing that bothers me is in the data table, if I change the width of the columns at design time, the width does not “stick”.

I would like to see the columns at the width set at design time like so:

I normalized the KWH totals for the graph in order to better see the correlation between usage and cost.

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The original link has probably been unpublished, so if you want to see a similar page, here you go:

Historical Weather for the United States 1875 - 2021

This one took a bit longer than 15 minutes because I had to appropriate the data from a PDF publicly available from

I had to first extract the data, then massage it a bit and, finally, import it into Excel.

The graph on this page shows the average yearly temperature along with a 7-year moving average to get an idea of how the temperature change looks over time (in other words, is it going up?)



Have you ever tested their API to save a bit of effort? General FAQs


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No, and since this was a one-off project just for my own curiosity, I didn’t even look for that info. Thanks, though. I am sure someone in this forum needs that!

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