Embedding Glide app to a react native app (iframe-embedding)

hi team, I am planning to embed Glide app into an existing React Native app. I can see there is iframe embedding integration in the business plan. I haven’t upgraded my plan to business yet, but I would like to check the feasibility. Is it possible to authenticate the user in the embedded iframe programmatically? As my users have been authenticated in my app, I would not want to ask them to login again every time they navigate to Glide app iframe.

And can anyone share their experience with Glide app embedded? How is the performance?

Hi @josephine.ng ! That’s a good question ! Actually I tried to embed my app too, but nothing append.
For me there is no need to sign in. It’s just a form.

@ThinhDinh do you know if it’s possible ? :upside_down_face:

You would need to contact the Glide support team and ask them to enable it manually for you, if you’re on the right Glide plan.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to do what OP said, but Glide recently announced a beta for SSO, that’s the closest I can think of.