Embed Audio using List Style

Hello, I’m newer to Glide, so I apologize in advance if this is a basic question.

I have a list of audio files that I want to “embed” in glide, so that a user can play the audio file within the app. Using the List style, I can get the list of audio files to display, but there is no “Action” option that would play the url link. The “Open Link” action opens the audio file in a new web window rather than from within the app. Is there a way to have the songs embed in the app directly using the List style?

I have a workaround by setting the style to details and individually adding audio components, which allows for embedded audio play, but I seemingly lose the abilities to sort the files by category or search. Am I missing something? Many thanks!

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Hey !

Welcome on board. We hope that you’ll have a good time here.

That’s not a basic question, so no need to apologise ! We want to help everyone at the best of our abilities.

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That’s a great idea but is not a feature yet in glide. The only thing you could do at the moment is place an audio component on the detail screen of that list.

Thank you!

Ok thanks for confirming! I thought I was missing something obvious. I tried creating my own custom action but of course that was a deadend. Appreciate the response!