Download User Upload images

Is there a way to download images that users uploaded through a form submission with the image picker component? As a ZIP file or something that is not individually opening each link in the google sheet, and right clicking and downloading.


Probably this would be your friend.

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Not bad, but I have to save individual links one at a time, it is quicker than opening each one, but was still looking for a mass download.
Thanks for the workaround though!

I take it you have this “Ask where…” option on?

I’ll have to look for that. For some reason it is not letting me open the options. When I click options, it’s just a blank tab.

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Fyi it’s Settings > Advanced > Downloads on Chrome.

@Ed_Pietrzak you could fetch all the images to cloudinary and then afterwards download them in one go.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.