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Hi community!

Is there way to create button for image so user will be able to download image by pressing the button? :slight_smile:

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is it work?
what is in template finally?

:confused: I didn’t found any template having the “download” tag. :confused:

As I explain in the other post, you need to create a Template column in the data editor. In that template column, add the HTML that includes the ‘download’ attribute, as explained in the attached link in my other post. Instead of entering a url for the href attribute, set up a replacement value. Maybe something like {url}, and replace it with your actual url.

So the template should look something like this:
<a href="{url}" download>Download File</a>

And all you need to do is set up a replacement for {url}.

Finally display that HTML using a rich text component.


Hi Jeff! What im doing wrong?
upd: corrected video

Upd: yes in this video im showing construct column but using template colemn in act

You’re using a construct url column. What I explain uses a Template column. You need to build an ‘a href’ HTML tag. Not a url with query parameters.

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Exactly Jeff im using template column

I guess the problem is this:

“In the latest versions of Chrome, you cannot download cross-origin files (they have to be hosted on the same domain).”.

im using Edge not Chrome

@roope257 In all fairness, I haven’t tried this myself, or at least haven’t tried it in a couple of years. If I get a chance, I’ll test it out later tonight. I’m not sure why you have the extra New Column C template column. The replacement in New Column F could directly refer to the photo column. But either way should give you the same result, so it shouldn’t make a difference.