Download Button

Is there a way to set up a download button? I’m looking to create an app for a class and upload some worksheets there so the students can easily download them straight from the app. The workaround that I can think of is to have a link to Dropbox where everything is stored and download from there. Looking forward for your response. Thanks!

I think you’d be best off using the ‘link’ setting on the button.

Then linking them directly to the G Sheet (or template). Then they can just save a copy of it before using it. (Put a hint / tip under the button).

Let me know how that works

Similar need - in our Ed tech conference app, teachers want to download and print 1) a list of all conference sessions and 2) a list of sessions they chose to attend. Is this possible? Can someone please walk me through how to do it? Thank you!

This is something I’ve wanted to accomplish in my app (individual invoices), but haven’t taken the time to pursue it yet. You can built a dynamic pdf link of an entire sheet, but that wouldn’t help for individual users. I’m attaching a thread that explores a few options. The email option might be useful if you can build out the entire body of all the sessions in one cell for each user. The best would probably involve some sort of scripting, but I don’t have anything to help you there.