Does Glide work with Amazon Affiliate API?

I am trying to work out if a Glide app supports the Amazon Affiliatie API?

Is there anyone in this community who has tried this before?

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What type of info are you trying to retrieve from there? What’s your desired flow?

Hi @ThinhDinh,

Thanks for reachting out.

My ideal and desired flow would go as follows:

  • automatically import Amazon products of speific sellers and show them in my Glide app with photo and information.
  • I also want to combine products from several sellers in my app, but sort them by type.

For example: there are 10 cosmetic brands that sell there products through amazon. I want to have all their products in my app, and make the products searchable by type, price, etc.

I am wondering in what way this would be possible using Google Sheets / glide sheets and my glide app.

Hoping you can help me.

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