Docs automator problem. Please HELP!

I have attached some screenshots with everything that i’ve done, I’m doing something wrong but i don’t know where. The values don’t appear in the document.
Can someone please help me with this? Kind regards

The goal is to be able to populate a document with data from multiple users.

Screenshot 2024-05-14 144215
Screenshot 2024-05-14 144420

Hi @scotfield123, I’m Rupert, DocsAutomator’s founder. Please reach out to support and we get this fixed asap. Basically has to do with the declaration of the line item table here. Thank you


amazing, thank you for your reply


Has this been fixed and what’s the solution here?

Yes, so issue in this case was how line item data had been passed. You can see in the screenshot above, that line item keys are sent individually and not as an array with key “line_items” as described in this knowledge doc: DocsAutomator - Glide Integration

Please note that the declaration of the line item row is a bit unusual here as well, as it starts in the latter part of the table. Also potentially the declared rows below are not necessary (as they will be produced by repeating rows / line items), but I don’t know the use case 100%.