Display JSON as list

Is there a way to display a JSON as a list of items ?

The approach should be simple as JSON is already a structured dataset but I don’t know if there is the functionality in Glide to do this.

Yes, it’s possible.

The approach depends on the JSON structure. As the structure becomes more complex, so does the solution.

But at a high level, the approach is usually to use a helper table with indexed rows, and use a combination of templates and the JQ plugin to extract the desired values from the JSON.

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But in this case you would have to use a lot of rows to display that JSON and what if other users are reuqesting different JSON’s ?

Do you know if a solution like this is available
in table anems JSON, to have a column where to store each JSON request
The JSON request for that column to be able to be selected in a list, to select the node from the JSON you want to use and after that to select the values you want to display from that node in the List

You need as many rows as there would be items in the resultant list.
But in order to display items in a list, those items must be in a single column spanning multiple rows. There is no getting away from that. So the approach costs no more rows than any other solution you might come up with.

In terms of multiple users viewing at the same time - this is why we have User Specific Columns :wink:

No such functionality exists in Glide.
It would be neat if it did. Maybe a feature request?