Digital marketing

Any Indian digital marketers out here? or people abroad who work at similar rates :sweat_smile:

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What rates do you offer? And what is the job? Details pls

If I understand correctly you’re looking for something cheap, quick and of good quality in the field of digital marketing. I’d propose taking a look at the StackServe platform. This is an online resource that has a long list of digital marketing firms working for businesses all over the globe. Different agencies add the services that they offer in various marketing niches. The best thing about StackServe is the professionalism and enthusiasm to do their best for a client. Most agencies will take the time to understand your business needs as thoroughly as possible.

I heard you can only have 2 of the 3 :rofl:

Cheap and Quick, but won’t be Quality
Quick and Quality won’t come Cheap
Quality and Cheap won’t be Quick