Difference in the appear of the data

Hello. The application does not appear as it is in the control panel.
Look at the two pictures, it’s the same user, but there is a difference in the appear of the data
Please Help


Are you using any filters to populate this list?

No… But even if there is a filter, it must work in the control panel.

Note the application works well in the control panel.

In editor you might have some user specific values entered, that it will be empty in live app… try to track them… or it might be owner role columns involved

I could not reach any solution, and technical support did not contact me two days ago.
What do you think is the solution?

without seeing your app, I can’t think of any other issues that I already wrote

Are you sure that you don’t have a second user profile row for the same user? Possibly the builder is connecting to the first row and the published app is connecting to the second row.

I see that you have extra tabs displayed in the builder version, which leads me to believe that there is something with your user profiles.

This problem usually occurs when you don’t let the user profile function automatically generate the rows for you and you manually add user profile rows yourself. You can also have problems if you delete user profile rows as well, without also removing Glide’s internal user data.

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The problem has been resolved

I think I am currently having this problem. What is the best way to check if your columns are user specific? How can you change this to all users?



If you see a “colored” icon, then it’s user-specific. If it’s white, then it’s “global”.

You can not change a user-specific column back to a global column. Best option is to create a new global column, then use the “Find all uses” feature for the user-specific column and change all those use cases to then use the new global column instead.