Design options for scrolling

This may be an unusual request. So for the amount of data I am showing vertically, I’ve been able to use the Separater component to divide the data in a clean way. However, some of that data can get lost in the fray and the end-user may not see the ability or need to scroll downward to see therest of the presentable data.

I’m reminded of the FInstagram project that may contain a lot of different posts. So the user may not know to scroll down to see additional posts.

Now the request. A scroll “icon” or something to that effect, to show the user that there is more information below. As a part B request a “go to top” icon. It could be placed at the bottom right, left or center. Maybe even make it customizable?

EDIT: Naturally, the component would need the only condition that makes sense: whether the list of data exceeds the screen real estate or not.

I know, silly. But I think this could work. And it would make for GUI magic. :thumbsup:

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Modified topic name, interesting ux article: Paging, Scrolling, and Infinite Scroll :: UXmatters

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