Deletion/Edit of Comments Possible by User

I think this would be very helpful in cases where a user creates a comment but wants to delete it, pretty much like most platforms. Or even the possibility to edit their comment would be helpful, just like an editable form or text field found within a Glide app. In my case, I am using it for a private chat between users.

I read through a few topics and seems like this has been discussed since the summer of last year.


ditto, same here. Editing/deleting comments seems very necessary; we have built an internal app for our teams and within hours of first use this limitation was discovered and became a frustration. Make a typo, too bad. Say something you didn’t mean to, too bad. Put the comment in the wrong place, too bad.

(I see this request has been here for a while, hope I haven’t missed this capability has since been released somewhere in Glide!)

The old comments component that is mentioned in this thread is only available in Classic apps, and both the comments component and classic apps have been depricated for a while now.

In New Apps, the Comments Collection allows you to build the functionality to delete or edit comments if you really want since since the data is stored in tables instead of internally within Glide. Now you have access to the data and you can do what you want with it.

If you are still working with Classic Apps, I encourage you to migrate to New Apps. Classic Apps do not receive any new updates bor features.