DATE & TIME in real time

Good morning friends.

I created a subscription plan for my app and I’m creating a status bar that will increase in real time as the days go by until it reaches 100%,
I put a due date and subtract it from the actual date (DATAVENCIMENTO - DATATEMPOREAL), it brings me time backwards, however when putting in the status bar the percentage goes backwards too.
I would like to know how I can put the date being added to the status bar, has anyone done this procedure?

How do you set the due date? What do you use for the max value in the progress bar?

I created a column of type (date & time) in it the administrator selects the due date

So, it looks like you have a start date, a due date, and the number of days in a plan. All you need to do is change your math formula a little bit to look something like this.

Plan Days - (due date - current date)

That will allow your progress bar to count up instead of down.


perfect friend, that was it.
I did and it worked correctly.
Thank you very much for your help.
I am very happy.