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I need advice on how to customize the color of two different buttons (screenshot in the attachment). After adding Custom CSS for the second button, the first one reverts to its default display. What should the CSS settings look like so that each of the buttons has a different color and not the default one?

Thank you for the advice.

Looks to be working for me.

.click button[aria-label="Button 1"] {
background: #60A3D9;
color: white;

.click2 button[aria-label="Button 2"] {
background: #B1D8B7;
color: black;

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I had the same issue while testing custom css… after adding more css everything went… even though i did it again, it would keep its default css. I changed the css class names and wrote the css all over and it worked. Not sure what was the issue.

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Thank you! I tried the settings according to the instructions and it works.

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