Custom CSS grid

Hi, I’m struggling to cente align the text within cells, including the header. Anyone know the correct CSS code? Thanks

What “cells” are you talking about here? What component are you using?

Thanks. A data grid component

Everything including column headers are left aligned and centre justified by default. I would like to align some columns to centre

That can only be done if you have a Business or Enterprise Plan - and even then it could be quite tricky.

:+1: I’m currently on a business trial plan

I tried something like:

td[aria-colindex="2"] {
text-align: center;

But it didn’t change anything, I guess it’s not straightforward or might not be doable.

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Same for me. Chat GPT tells me it’s being rendered inside a element. And goes further to say the JavaScript code would need modifying. Can we do this?

I don’t think we can touch that part.