Custom back button...?

Can a button link back to a previous page? As if the user is pressing/tapping the back button? Or to the next list item from a previous page?

I think when they rollout the deep links, this would be possible by using the URL of the “last page”. Currently this is hard to achieve.


When are deep links coming?

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Who knows.

No timeframe for that.


In staging now.


Yeah but Jeff discovered that a while ago and still no timeframe on when it will be in production. However as Mark asked for a test today I think it’s close.


Sometimes we just need a ray of hope :slight_smile: not an exact ETA


I hope they include the functionality for after a form submission too. Like a redirect :wink:

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Has anybody else faced this frustration as mentioned below, and if so, is there any feature request placed for this.

Our normal method of going to a previous page in any app is to use the left arrow at the bottom right of the android phone. But, in the case of glide apps, the method of going to previous page is to use the left arrow in the top left of the app.

Often, when I have clicked on a list item in a glide app, my usual tendency is to press the left arrow at the bottom right of the android phone to go back. But, then the whole app closes, and I have to reopen the app again. Wouldn’t it be nice if the back button of the android phone is also linked to visit the previous page of the app?

Just an update to my above query. It does work when list item is clicked. The back button on the phone does move it back to the list.

But, it does not work when I am editing an item. Suppose I click an item to edit it. And, then I decide to not edit it and go back. I cannot press the Back button on the phone. It closes the app. I have to press the buttons on top in order to close the edit page.

I know what you mean. This is only a guess and I think it’s more apparent on the full screen desktop view, but I think the editing screen is actually popup modal on top of the detail screen. Hitting the back button maybe backs you out of the underlying screen??? I’ve noticed that I need to hit the android back button a couple of times before it kicks me out of the app when on an edit screen.