CSS to hide share button in webview component. Help!

Hi there fellow gliders,

I need some help if its possible to hide the share button in the webview component.

Use case: To hide the link of the room (Private) when using the Jam system for talks.
Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks

As you noticed yourself, we have no way to target it in mobile as that screen does not allow a rich text component.

Without knowing your full flow, maybe try converting it to a webview component instead of the action. Does it solve the problem?

Let me try that and see if it helps…

Just tried it. It still generate the same issue of not being able to add a rich text component on this screen.

Does a webview component still show the share button? If that’s on the details view then theoretically you can add a rich text component to target that button.

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Thanks so much @ThinhDinh …
It worked.

I was adding a button and then an action of opening a WebView…

Your suggestion worked like a charm.

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@Luther could you please share your CSS?
I tried [data-test=“nav-button-Share”]{display: none} on the screen where I have a button to open the webview, but the share icon is still there.

I think he meant he used an open webview action instead of the direct webview component.


Yes. That is what I meant actually. It was your suggestion that helped me though.

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@ThinhDinh , @Luther thank you.
I didn’t realise that there is a new webview component (pro), you can implement the element on a screen and it works in the builder (also without pro) , but in the app obviously you need pro.

when opening a webview via action open link → webview, I managed to adjust the hight of a jitsi webview, but couldn’t manage to get rid of the jitsi logo (<div class=“watermark leftwatermark” …), I tried [class=“watermark”] >*{display: none} but this doesn’t work.
any idea how to achieve this?

@ThinhDinh would be the perfect person to assist with CSS. He is the guru along with @Robert_Petitto and others…
It’s a bit out of my reach for now…lol

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You’re unable to manipulate the CSS inside of the webview.


Yeah, this is the case. If you plan to show it under a details screen instead then there might be some hope, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Can you give us a sample link and show us what you want to hide?