CSS for Responsive Header

What’s the configuration like?

I configured it the same way as the first collection.
It looks good. It works on the pc and on the PC’s installed app but this collection’s images don’t appear on the phones at all… only the first collection images can appear on the phones.

This is the collection settings:

I also tried putting the second collection in another container and create a new custom class but the result was the same. It works perfectly on the wide screens for both collections but only the first group of auto images appear on the phones. The 2nd collection doesn’t appear.

I’ll continue tonight, okay? I mean your component arrangement in the left panel is related to this.

ok. No problem

It’s like this on the left:
the green arrows show where I had inserted the 2nd collection and rich text.

Is it because your richtext component is located in the middle column so it covers it?

I tested that. It doesn’t seem to be the problem… Let me tell you what I tried and the results. I’ll refer to them as “A” and “B”.

  1. We successfully setup Collection A with the slide show and it ran perfectly
  2. I created Collection B in the same fashion as Collection A
  3. After seeing that it worked in the editor, I moved it into the container with Collection A and placed Collection B just below Collection A and made visibility switches to easily select which collection should show
  4. These all worked perfectly on the editor and on launching the app on the PC
  5. Open my mobile phone but Collection B images never appear.
  6. Tried creating a variation of the code with custom class .Bslide-Show for CollectionB but it made no difference.
  7. Tried placing Collection B in it’s own container. No change in results.
  8. Tried testing without the Responsive header css. No change.

Here is the clincher… Both of my cell phones couldn’t see Collection B images but then I asked my husband to check his phone and both Collection A and Collection B images are loading perfectly on his phone.

  1. I tried restarting my 2 cellphones but nothing changed for me.

This is a strange issue… Device compatibility?

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I will try whatever comes to mind or seems obvious first…

  1. Are you sure the images in your Collection are not an array, because I see that it is a lookup column.
  2. Why is the component you are using an image, or do you have an array column?
  3. The part that is difficult and I am not entirely sure about is your statement that the slide-show appears on your husband’s phone but not on yours. Is this just a delay issue, or something else like a role or another factor?

I am having difficulty testing it unless you lend me your phone. :grinning:

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My image table for the slide show of Collection B is linked to my Business table. I formed a relation and then looked up the images from the business table.
On the other hand, my image table for Collection A is linked to my Activity table.

This image was the stop-gap for the 5 second delay. It’s not directly related to the collection… It disappears when the JavaScript finishes initializing and gives its first values.

There are no problems at all on my husband’s phone. Everything works. Both collections are perfect for him - the slide show is a total success. But my 2 phones cannot load the images from the 2nd collection. It is very mysterious.

The important thing is that you make sure your lookup column is not an array. I can’t help much. Sometimes this can happen because of your device’s memory. Maybe you need to test with another device besides yours and your husband’s.

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what is the best way to pull the images from the other table and be sure it’s not an array? Single value column?

Query + Lookup or relation + lookup. Actually, if you use collections you can make everything independent.


What does the second lookup do?

Screenshot 2024-05-17 at 15.04.34

ok. Take a look. It’s not an array, right?

Because when I use query, I only see the entire table. I can’t select the images.

Queries are actually almost the same as relations. Here you can do filters.
For example, in the query dialog, select table B, then filter: email is this row email

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ok. I used query for Index to Show.
For whatever reason, the lookup gave me 1 picture per row.
I used it like this:

Create Relation (single) > lookup desired picture column from relation column

And the same for the next

This should work if you display it with collection + filter against your look up column.

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ok nice. That’s what I did :slight_smile:

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What happens if you discard the collection A and only display collection B on your cellphone?

you mean like deleting it altogether? :dotted_line_face:

I guess I can try it, lol

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